Although requently called inheritance loans, or probate loans, our inheritance funding company actually provides interest-free inheritance advance assignments, not interest based traditional loans

About Us

My Inheritance Cash assignments: often called inheritance loans -- are fast and interest-free... and are actually inheritance advance, cash advance, assignments; not interest based loans, regardless of inheritance loan and probate loan terminology. My Inheritance Cash maintains an excellent reputation for inheritance funding and customer service, throughout the United States. The firm has advanced tens of millions of dollars to thousands of probate heirs and trust beneficiaries. Estate administrators and attorneys, executors, personal representatives, heirs and beneficiaries throughout America and Canada believe in the deep rooted, genuine culture of integrity and honesty of the management team and staff at

What makes My Inheritance Cash unique in the inheritance advance funding business, is the fact that MIC maintains a consistent level of warm, friendly helpful and efficient customer service, something that anyone who uses the Internet frequently knows is rare. Good customer service is hard to find.

My Inheritance Cash provides inheritance advances, trust fund and probate inheritance advance funding to heirs in Canada and nationwide throughout the USA (with the exception of Probate Advances in Ohio, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands).

The Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Todd Rodenborn, has been a seasoned corporate executive for two decades. Todd, as well as the firm’s mature financial management and legal teams, research experts, sales dept. and marketing-communications professionals, all bring a wealth of knowledge and straight forward leadership qualities to the firm, that is passed on to satisfied clients all across America. The most important element to Todd and his staff of inheritance advance, legal and financial services professionals is to maintain an honest and strictly professional reputation with heirs and estate attorneys – making their clients’ well being and financial security more important to the firm then profit and success. For Todd and the team at My Inheritance Cash, a long history of happy, satisfied clients is their idea of success.