Is Inheritance Funding, often called Inheritance Loans, really Interest-Free? How does the process work?

What are Interest Free Inheritance Loans? Are Interest Free Inheritance Funding Assignments the same type of financing as Inheritance Loans?

Inheritance Funding and interest free inheritance loans are the exact same type of interest free Cash Advance Assignments, without credit or income requirements – as opposed to interest based traditional loans. These terms are all interchangeable. Also called an Inheritance Advance or Probate Advance, this form of Inheritance Financing frees you up from ever being personally responsible for “out-of-pocket” personal repayment to My Inheritance Cash. Moreover, you can usually expect funding within a few days – a turn-around time no one would ever experience with a bank or credit union.

How do I apply for standard Inheritance Funding, often called Interest Free Inheritance Loans?

Go to our Apply Now page to fill out and submit an application to be approved for one of our Trust Fund or Probate Cash Advance assignments. Quite often, you will receive same-day approval! Click here for more information on Inheritance Funding.

  • Clicking “More Information” will take you to an Inheritance Advance, Probate Advance or what some heirs call an “Inheritance Loan” info page.
  • Clicking “Apply Now” will take you to our online application. Any Heir or Beneficiary with an Inheritance of $15,000 or more in the USA or Canada can apply.
  • Our online application should not take more than 10 minutes.
  • Once our Submission & Approval Team has received your application and estate documents you should have your inheritance advance funds within a few days. To begin the process by phone, call our team at (844) 840-2274
    • What documents will I need to submit to My Inheritance Cash?

      • Driver’s license or state ID
      • Social Security card
      • Decedent’s will and death certificate
      • Petition for Probate and other estate documents you will be asked to provide
      • Estate’s inventory and appraisal of the estate’s assets and liabilities
      • Letters or documents from the attorney or executor
      • Listing agreement and/or sales contract for inherited real property
      • Paperwork concerning any mortgages, property liens or liabilities
      • Authorization to release information regarding estate debts
      • Depending on the estate and type of assets, other information may be required

      Do I Qualify for an Inheritance Advance or Probate Advance?

      Inheritance Advance ServicesMy Inheritance Cash. LLC
      Minimum Advance Amount$3,000
      Maximum Advance Amount$100,000
      RequirementsInheritance must be at least $15,000, and the Estate or Trust must be based in the United States. Estates in Ohio, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are exceptions. The applicant must reside in the United States, and be a US citizen or permanent resident
      Inheritance Advance Hotline1-844-840-2274

      Inheritance Funding: Get 20% to 30% of Your Inheritance Now!

      Inheritance Advance

      An inheritance advance is also called a probate advance, or estate advance. Since 1992, this has become a popular mainstream form of interest-free inheritance financing, technically a cash advance assignment, without credit or income based requirements; as opposed to an interest based loan. Heirs pay a flat rate fee on top of their inheritance advance payback amount in one lump-sum payment rather than compounding interest on top of monthly payments. Moreover, as heirs are not receiving an actual “loan”, they never have any concerns about being held personally liable for repayment, or for producing a credit report or credit score in order to be approved for an inheritance advance, as with a conventional loan.

      Inheritance Loans

      Inheritance loans, which are often called probate loans and estate loans or inheritance funding, are not loans that a loan provider extends to people who are seeking funding with an actual interest bearing loan. Inheritance loans are in fact non-interest cash advance assignments exclusively for heirs of estates in probate that are waiting to inherit inheritance cash, personal property, or real property. Probate is a long process, and an inheritance advance, or as heirs like to call it, inheritance loans, have become a convenient option for heirs or beneficiaries who need immediate funds during the probate process

      Probate Loans

      “Probate loans” is yet another term that is used interchangeably with other inheritance funding descriptive terms such as inheritance loans, estate loans or inheritance advance and probate advance financing. Inheritance funding is a unique mainstream form of short-term inheritance financing that consistently gives heirs the ability to “borrow” upcoming inheritance funds from their own inheritance assets, as they wait for probate to close. An inheritance funding company such as My Inheritance Cash provides heirs and beneficiaries with a portion of their future inheritance now in the present.

      Estate Loans

      Frequently called inheritance loans, probate loans, or estate loans – these cash advance assignments allow you to borrow against inherited real property or liquid assets. Your estate functions essentially as a form of passive collateral for you inheritance advance or, as many heirs prefer to call it – an estate loan or inheritance loan.

      Inheritance Advance Companies

      The most popular avenue to get inheritance financing is through an inheritance funding company or inheritance advance company. Put simply, inheritance funding companies purchase part of your inheritance from you for a flat rate fee. Many heirs call them inheritance lenders or “inheritance loan companies”. An “inheritance lender” does not factor in your credit report or credit score as a part of your application process.

      If you are expecting an inheritance, whether it be property and/or inheritance cash, and you are going through a long, tedious probate process – an inheritance funding company that can provide you with speedy inheritance advance or probate advance funds, can be the best financial solution for you and your family, in terms of assembling cash from your inheritance now, without the burden of credit or income checking of any kind.

      With respect to terminology, Inheritance loans, which are often called probate loans or estate loans, and inheritance funding, are in fact not loans that a loan provider extends to people who are seeking funding... they are actually identical and interchangeable with terms like probate advances and inheritance advances – which heirs and beneficiaries frequently call inheritance loans, inheritance advance loans and estate loans or probate loans. Receiving an inheritance advance, or inheritance loan if you wish, based on either liquid assets or real property, is a secure form of short-term inheritance financing that helps heirs and beneficiaries get some of their upcoming inheritance now, in days rather than months or years.

      What makes My Inheritance Cash special?

      My Inheritance Cash, LLC is America’s premier inheritance funding company with a particularly strong reputation for excellent customer service, providing heirs and beneficiaries with standard inheritance funding – against inheritances that are treading slowly through probate process, typically taking 9 to 12 months to conclude. Heirs and beneficiaries can apply for an advance on their inheritance of 20% to 30% or more of their inheritance total. Typically, inheritance cash advance assignments are in the $3,000 to $100,000 range.

      Since these advances aren’t considered loans, heirs and beneficiaries are never responsible for any interest fees, nor do they have to divulge credit, cash flow or basic income data in order to be approved for a cash advance assignment. The only additional charges to be considered, on top of the cash advance amount, is a nominal fee, the amount of which is determined through a standard set inheritance funding financial formula. For example, if an inheritance cash advance was furnished to an heir for $5,000, the maximum fee that could be charged would be $2,400. That is the absolute largest fee an heir would be charged for a $5,000 probate advance.

      What are the most valuable benefits I can receive from My Inheritance Cash?

      With its wide range of inheritance advance or probate advance amounts and zero interest charges, here are just some of the benefits My Inheritance Cash provides:

      • Interest-Free: An advance on inheritance from My Inheritance Cash isn’t a loan, which means you won’t be charged interest or need to repay the amount you receive within a set time frame. Moreover, there are never monthly payments. Numerous Inheritance Advance Amounts: Depending on your expected inheritance, you may be able to get an advance of as little as $3,000 all the way up to $100,000.
      • No Income, Credit Report or Credit Score Requirements: My Inheritance Cash doesn’t take your credit into account when determining approval of your inheritance advance.
      • Fast Turnaround: After you have received a quote based on your probate documents, you may be able to get a trust or probate advance within two to three days. Considering the probate process can take as much as 12 to 24 months, or longer, an inheritance advance like this is a fast way to access inheritance cash from your inheritance. Many heirs use their probate cash advance funds to hire their own personal estate attorney, to protect their inheritance assets, if family troubles surface within the estate... Click Here: For Ways To Improve Your Family Communications – the key to getting though the probate/estate process as smoothly as possible.

      What to watch out for with other inheritance funding companies

      Consider these possibilities before signing with an inheritance funding company:

      • High inheritance advance fees: Inheritance advance fees or probate advance rates are never going to be extremely inexpensive, however they should be reasonable. So make sure you are being charged within established norms.
      • Inheritance funding track record: Before you sign with “inheritance lenders”, an established inheritance advance company, look carefully into their experience as inheritance funding providers.
      • Keep your probate cash advance options open: Make sure you are going to be approved before you “put all your eggs into one basket” and place all your reliance on one inheritance funding company. In other words – keep all your options open.