Serving Heirs With Premium Inheritance Funding, Often Called Fast Interest-Free Inheritance Loans

Fast interest-free inheritance loans are often called probate loans & estate loans; not loans that loan providers give to people requiring traditional loans. This inheritance financing is, in fact, a cash advance assignment without credit or income requirements.

Fast Inheritance Funding: Your Inheritance Now, in Days Not Weeks

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Get an Inheritance Advance: $5,000 to $100,000 in 48 to 72 Hours

Appreciation & respect before profit is our motto. Our inheritance funding account managers and inheritance advance specialists are always helpful, efficient, and there to assist you even with difficult issues like this Or with trust and probate advance questions, such as: Can I find out how an inheritance loan works? Or: How can I get low rates on an inheritance advance? This is how inheritance funding works, and, as many heirs refer to it, how an inheritance loan works. This is one of the reasons why our firm is considered the number-one inheritance funding company in America... Read what some of our clients are saying about us

Terminology: Fast Interest-Free Inheritance Loans versus Inheritance Advance Assignments

Despite terminology, it is important to reiterate that Fast Interest-Free Inheritance Loans are Cash Advance Assignments, not Traditional Loans. Although also called Estate Loans & Probate Loans from Inheritance Lenders, Inheritance Funding from this Firm never involves Income or Credit Based Loans

Even though many people know by now how a probate advance works, or how an inheritance loan works, as many heirs call this type of cash advance assignment financing... There are plenty of folks who don't know how a cash advance works or (as many refer to it) how fast interest-free inheritance loans work... Bearing in mind zero interest financing and no credit report or income status requirements. Terminology like this does cause some confusion at a certain point in the inheritance funding process for some heirs. An inheritance funding company providing probate advance & inheritance advance funds is not technically an inheritance funding company providing loans… Moreover, heirs and beneficiaries who use this type of inheritance financing need to fully understand this, and understand how an assignment works, or as many heirs will put it, how fast interest-free inheritance loans work. Mainly, because they do not usually have any other viable options to get fast funds. And quite often, heirs that opt for inheritance funding are in dire need of inheritance cash... The are often facing foreclosure, or they have no car to get to work as their old vehicle has died, or they are facing a critical medical issue, or whatever. So they do need to understand that they are not actually "borrowing against their inheritance", from an “inheritance loan company” plus all the issues that go with that type of financing. They are, in fact, getting a cash advance assignment, within a few days, not an interest based loan requiring a credit score or credit report, with piles of invasive paperwork to get through in order to get approved, as with a bank loan process. Therefore, because cash advance assignments and so-called inheritance loans do not impact your credit report or credit score, there is never any risk of recourse for non-payment. And this is important to remember.

100% Safe and Secure Inheritance Funding

  • No credit report required
  • No credit score required
  • No income checking
  • No employment verification ...

Just Friendly VIP Service!

Inheritance Advance Cash Assignment Solutions

  • No background investigation
  • No monthly payments
  • No up-front costs
  • No hidden fees ...

Just Inheritance Advance Funds!

CEO Mission Statement

With more than ten years of inheritance funding experience providing heirs and beneficiaries with probate advance funds, our mission is to provide consistently high quality personal service. It's our job to get you the best inheritance cash advance funds as quickly and securely as possible. My Inheritance Cash was founded to provide you with an advance inheritance now, when you need it – along with and the most efficient inheritance advance service possible.

Regards, Todd Rodenborn

We're here to assist you with Inheritance Funding (Trust & Probate Advance) Questions!

Speak with an Inheritance Funding Adviser right now, and see if you qualify for an Inheritance Advance - what you might call a Probate Loan or Inheritance Loan, or how fast interest-free Inheritance Loans work.
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How My Inheritance Cash Advances Work

What Exactly is the Inheritance Advance Process?

  • We purchase a portion of your inheritance. This enables us to provide you with an inheritance advance, rapidly and securely.
  • We furnish you with inheritance money now – you usually receive your inheritance cash advance within 72 hours. We wait to get paid from the Estate or Trust when it distributes to you.
  • At that point we are paid everything we are owed, and the balance is paid to you, the Heir from the Estate or Trust. There is absolutely no risk to you – and we do all the heavy lifting!

How Do Inheritance Advances & Probate Advances, Frequently Called Fast Interest-Free Inheritance Loans, work?

  • Once approved, provides you, the Heir, with a Probate Cash Advance or Trust Inheritance Advance prior to the close of a probate or distribution of a Trust.
  • We give you your Inheritance Cash Advance now, rapidly and securely
  • You can sit back, and relax your Inheritance Advance to arrive in only a few days! No delays. No extensive paperwork. We do all the work!

What Benefits does a Trust Fund Advance or Probate Cash Advance (often referred to as Inheritance Loans or Probate Loans) provide?

  • You get all the benefits of a fast inheritance advance with almost no waiting, and no delays.
  • Our probate advance and trust fund advance process never disrupts normal estate distribution.
  • Your inheritance advance benefits only you, never affecting other heirs’ inheritance assets.
  • Our trust and probate advances are cash advance assignments not loans, so they're non-recourse – inheritance loans are cash assignments – therefore you are never liable for anything more than you agree to in your inheritance advance contract with My Inheritance Cash.

Inheritance Advance Benefits, often called an Inheritance Loan, and how Fast Interest-Free Inheritance Loans Work, That We Extend To You

  • Reliability – attorneys, bank officers, executors and trustees frequently recommend My Inheritance Cash to heirs and beneficiaries who need fast, secure probate advance inheritance money.
  • Integrity – Your fee will never be more than your final inheritance advance quote.
  • Customer Service – At this inheritance funding company, every client is a VIP client, regardless.
  • Speed – My Inheritance Cash typically takes 48 to 72 hours to conclude an average inheritance advance.
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Estate Attorneys consistently recommend our Inheritance Advance services to probate heirs and trust beneficiaries

My Inheritance Cash is fast

Typically 72 hrs to conclude an inheritance advance

Decades of experience

Friendly, professional staff


  • "Your Inheritance Loans Saved Me!"

    Thanks so very much you don't know how much your $10,000 and $5,000 inheritance loans have meant to me. I really appreciate your help.
    Timothy M., Rappahannock, VA
  • "Inheritance Loan, Made All the Difference in the World ..."

    Thank you so much Todd, just got my inheritance loan. I really appreciate your help on this. All the other sources for funds I was working on fell through – but My Inheritance Cash really came through for us!! The $30,000 probate loan you gave us has made all the difference, to start up our business – we can now buy the store that we needed.
    Adam F., Baltimore, MD
  • "My Inheritance Loan Has Been  a Life Saver!"

    Todd, thank you so much!! You've truly been a life saver!! If there's any possible way that I can do a review on you for your supervisor let me know how! I'm sure they already know how much extra time and effort you put in to get our inheritance loan approved, but I'll tell them again!! You have no clue what your help means to me but more importantly mine and [our] kids. I get to tell them in less than an hour that their mother will finally come home tonight!!
    Kenneth H. Gregg County, TX
  • "I Would Do It Again!"

    I got a large probate advance quickly from My Inheritance Cash. They were very professional and caring. I would do it again if I could. Two of my siblings also received advance inheritance funds.
    Jessica B. of NY
  • "Game Changing Inheritance Loan ..."

    Thank you so very very much for my game changing inheritance loan – to you Todd, and Seth as well!
    Carol B. Pinellas, FL

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