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Get Your Inheritance Now with an Estate Advance

Inheritance is one of the biggest gifts a person can give their family. While everyone dreams of the unknown relative that leaves them millions, most inheritances are much smaller than that. However, even a smaller inheritance can be life-changing. Maybe it can pay off a bill hanging over your head, give you a chance to invest in a great opportunity or help you increase your standard of living. However, it can be disappointing to discover that you do not get your inheritance immediately. Instead, you must wait for the probate process to conclude before you get the money. That is why inheritance funding companies can give you an estate advance to access part of your inheritance before probate is complete.

What Is Probate and Why Does It Delay Inheritances?

Probate is the legal process of proving a Will and settling an estate. State laws in the state where the deceased died determine the probate process. Once a will is admitted to probate, the executor (also known as the administrator or personal representative) has to resolve all claims against the estate, locate all of the property in the estate, and distribute the estate’s assets.

For simple estates, the probate process can be relatively short. However, the executor still has to post a notice to potential creditors, so it can take months to wind up even a simple estate. For more complex estates, probate can take years. Some things that can make probate take longer are if the deceased has a lot of property that the executor needs to locate, if creditors make claims that the executor rejects, if the executor is struggling to collect from debtors if the estate includes assets that are difficult to liquidate, and if there is a Will contest.

Probate Advance

Sometimes you need access to some of the funds from your inheritance before probate. However, the executor cannot distribute assets until probate is concluded. So, what do you do?

You can get a probate loan to access a portion of your inheritance before probate concludes. A probate loan is not actually a loan. Instead, it is a cash advance. People may also call it an inheritance loan, probate advance, or inheritance advance.

A probate loan is a cash advance, not a loan. You sell a portion of your inheritance to an inheritance funding company. In exchange, they give you a cash advance. When probate concludes, the inheritance funding company collects the amount of the advance plus the fee they charge from the estate.

While people refer to it as a probate loan, it is not actually a loan. To get a loan against an inheritance, you need to qualify for a personal loan. You may even have to provide collateral. You will need good credit and a job and must start making payments immediately. In addition, you will have to pay interest, which means you will not know the total costs associated with that loan.

In contrast, a probate advance does not require good credit, does not have to be repaid by you, and does not charge interest. It even shifts the risk. If, for some reason, your share of the inheritance is smaller than the amount you borrowed, we take the loss. You owe us nothing; we collect directly from the estate.

Is a Probate Advance Interest-Free?

Yes. We do not charge interest for a probate advance. Instead, we charge a flat fee for the cash advance. That way, you know exactly what you will pay for the advance. You may even pay less if the probate process ends more quickly than anticipated. It is easy to see why certainty is one of the reasons people prefer advances to loans.

A Company You Can Trust

What is an Inheritance Advance?

At My Inheritance Cash, we are dedicated to helping everyday Americans access their inheritance on their terms. Though often called an estate loan, funds are actually a cash advance, repaid to us when probate is settled. There are no terms on how the money is spent, meaning you can use your cash on anything you need. From that new car you desperately need to paying off your mortgage so you can live more comfortably, our cash is yours!

You may be wondering whether there are any advantages to taking out an estate advance. Consider the following benefits of accessing an inheritance advance:

  • There is no credit check required to access your inheritance funding
  • Funds will be received in your bank account within 72 hours (but often as soon as in 24 hours!)
  • Because we are purchasing a portion of your inheritance, our cash advance process has no risk, meaning you are not responsible for repayment
  • You will never pay interest on your estate advance, no matter how large it is
  • We do not charge fees when you want to access your money

Ready to Get Started?

We are here to help. Fill out an online application. We will review your circumstances and let you know how much we can advance and any associated fees. Why wait for the money your loved one wanted you to have? Work with us and get it within 2 to 5 business days.