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About My Inheritance Cash

Friendly and efficient customer service!

At My Inheritance Cash, we take pride in our commitment to the deep-rooted American values of integrity and honesty. Proven by the successful advancement of tens of millions of dollars to thousands of probate heirs and trust beneficiaries, our reputation for excellence is backed by attorneys, administrators, executors – and of course, our clients – across the United States and Canada.

At My Inheritance Cash , we believe that good customer service is key to success. Difficult to find in this day and age of online business transactions, we remain dedicated to providing consistent, friendly, and efficient care to all who seek our help.

My Inheritance Cash provides Inheritance Advances and Trust Fund and Probate Inheritance Advance Funding to heirs throughout the United States.

Todd Rodenborn

The Chief Executive Officer of My Inheritance Cash, Todd Rodenborn has over two decades of corporate experience. Alongside our management teams, research experts, sales reps, and marketing professionals, Todd utilizes his wealth of knowledge and leadership qualities to successfully advocate for clients from all walks of life. More than any other of our values, Todd is committed to maintaining his firm’s honest and professional reputation, always putting the well-being of his clients before the profit of his company. For Todd and his team, success isn’t about money in our pocket – it’s about money in yours. Visit us on Facebook.

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Todd Rodenborn