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Frequently Asked Inheritance Advance Questions

Long, drawn out, and stressful, the probate process can quickly overshadow the fact that you have lost someone you love. At My Inheritance Cash, we return assets to their rightful owner (you!) so that your family can return to what matters most: each other.

Inheritance Cash Advances or Probate Advances

A widely misunderstood concept Inheritance Advances or Probate Advance, you are likely to hear Inheritance Cash Advances referred to as:

  • Inheritance Funding
  • Inheritance Loans
  • Probate Advances
  • Loans on Inheritance
  • Borrowing Against Inheritance
  • Estate Loans
  • Probate Loans … and more!

Inheritance Loans Versus Assignments. Exactly How Does It Work?

Inheritance advances versus assignments, present no differences at all. They are all, in fact, related terms used interchangeably and often to describe the same interest-free inheritance funding process; with no income or credit requirements. The same inheritance advance, inheritance loan or probate loan terminology and applications, qualifications and requirements for approval… that you will find in our Inheritance Funding Blog.

We know you have questions, and we are excited to have the answers. For additional concerns, please contact us at your convenience and one of our enthusiastic representatives will shortly be in touch. In the meantime, please refer to the below for any Frequently Asked Inheritance Advances Questions.

Inheritance Advance FAQs

Many people have questions about inheritance advances and inheritance loans. Both offer you a way to access a portion of your inheritance before the estate goes through probate. However, while some people use the terms interchangeably, they are not the same thing.

Probate (the process of validating a will, paying estate claims and dispersing inheritances) can take months to years. To ease both the emotional and financial stress of court procedures, we offer heirs and beneficiaries the option to acquire an advance on their inheritance. Unlike a loan, and Inheritance Advance considered the property of its recipient, and reimbursement My Inheritance Cash is conducted through the Estate or Trust, and generally not paid by you, the client.

A widely misunderstood concept, you are likely to hear Inheritance Cash Advances referred to as:

  • Inheritance Funding
  • Inheritance Loans
  • Probate Advances
  • Loans on Inheritance
  • Borrowing Against Inheritance
  • Estate Loans
  • Probate Loans

… and more!

Despite the discrepancy in name, it is important to remember that funds are advancements, not loans. Clients get quick access to their rightful inheritance, and are never expected to repay assignments with interest. Rather, repayment is typically made in full, at the close of probate, by the Estate or Trust itself. As with all legal endeavours, heirs/beneficiaries should request that all fees and stipulations be formally contracted prior to signing any agreement.

The easiest way to get your money is by bank wire. We push a few buttons on our end and the money appears in your account immediately, ready for withdrawal. If you don’t have an open bank account, we can send your money by company check. In any event, all of the costs of the transfer are covered by My Inheritance Cash.

You will typically receive your inheritance advance funds within 2 – 3 days or less! You won’t find this kind of turnaround time with any other inheritance advance company in the USA.

No. You do not have to make payments on an inheritance advance. They are not loans.

No. Because they are not loans, you do not need good credit to get an inheritance advance. In fact, we do not run your credit to give you an inheritance advance.

Yes. We do charge you a fee for the inheritance advance. Fortunately, these fees are up-front and easy-to-understand.

No. We can fund your inheritance advance quickly after you complete your paperwork. We may even be able to fund it the same day.

We do not usually advance an entire inheritance. However, we evaluate every case individually.

We collect our money from your share of the estate. That means that we get our fees and the advance first, and then you get the rest of your money. However, if the inheritance is not enough to cover our fees and the advance, we take that risk. You do not have to repay any money.

Absolutely. We normally get our money from the estate. However, if you are able to pay back the advance before the estate closes, we may be able to reduce the fees. Contact us to see what we can do.

An Heir of the same estate, who is also an executor, can be approved for an inheritance cash advance or probate advance.

Estate FAQs

The cost of your advance depends on the dollar amount we advance and how long we think it will take for the estate to “distribute.”

If there are creditors debts will be paid by the estate. This might lower decrease your Inheritance amount and therefore would affect the Inheritance Advance you are approved for.

Banks and credit unions will not provide inheritance loans or inheritance cash advances, based on estate assets, to heirs or beneficiaries.

Probate typically needs to be open in order for you to apply, although there are some exceptions, on a case by case basis.

Probate FAQs

Probate is the court process of validating a will, or the allocation of funds/assets in the absence of one. A judge will determine the validity of a will and distribute everything accordingly, and/or listen to appeals if any party objects.

Probate advances are not loans. Instead, you sell a portion of your inheritance to the funding company. Probate advances are also called inheritance advances.

We can advance up to one-third of your expected inheritance.

Probate usually takes between 12 and 18 months. Some estates can take less time and we offer rebates for early repayment.

There may be federal inheritance taxes imposed, If so, the heir or heirs will be expected to pay those taxes.

No. Because it is not a loan, you do not need to pay interest.

No. We handle getting our money from the estate.