Apply for Your Zero-Interest Inheritance Cash Advance Assignment, With No Credit or Income Requirements

Email or Fax Us as Many of the Following Documents as Possible After Submitting this Form for an Inheritance Advance or Inheritance Loan, as it is often called:
  • Copy of your Driver’s License
  • Copy of your Social Security Card
  • Copy of the Will and Death Certificate
  • Copy of the Petition for Probate (and ALL other Documents from the Probate Court You Have)
  • Copy of the Inventory and all Appraisals or a Snapshot of the Estate’s Assets & Liabilities
  • Copies of any Letters or Documents You Received from the Attorney or Executor
  • Listing Agreement or Sales Contract for Real Estate
  • Evidence of Property Liens, Mortgages, Prior Assignments, and other Estate Liabilities
Email the docs to or Fax them to: (732) 559-8875 to get your Inheritance Advance or Inheritance Loan, as many heirs refer to it:

My Inheritance Cash - Online Application