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Documents Needed By Probate Loan Companies

Dealing with the grief and loss of a loved one is difficult, and worrying about finances only makes the situation more stressful. At My Inheritance Cash, we proudly offer probate loans to ease stress during this time. Also known as an Inheritance Loan, this is a cash advance on the inheritance you will receive once probate is completed.

As one of the top probate loan companies in North America, we have over ten years of proven service in the industry, and can provide cash advances on your approved application within 2 to 3 days. Once your application and documentation are provided, funds are deposited directly into your account in a matter of days. No more waiting months or years for the probate process!

In order to expedite and process your application, all probate loan companies require proof of your identity as well as legal proof of probate. At My Inheritance Cash, we give our customers the option to submit this information online (through our secure website), or to fax documentation to our offices at (732) 559-8875.

Required Documentation

In addition to your identifying information, we also require general information about the estate and the location of property, as well as information on attorneys and the executor of the will.

Documentation must include a copy of the death certificate, the will, all documents from the Probate Court, any estate appraisals and inventories, all correspondence from attorneys about the estate, and any details of known liens, mortgages, or encumbrances against any property or assets in the estate.

For more information about probate loan companies, talk to our experienced Inheritance Funding Officers at (877) 638-7760.