Frequently Asked Questions: Inheritance Loans & Probate Loans vs. Probate & Inheritance Advances

Many inheritors (heirs) have questions about inheritance loans & inheritance advances, or probate loans. Heirs usually want to know if this type of inheritance funding involves high interest loans. Our inheritance funding transactions do not, in fact, involve interest bearing traditional loans... Our inheritance loans and inheritance advances are all non-interest inheritance cash advance assignments, not loans. You'll find answers here to some of the questions you may have. For information on various steps and requirements to get a Trust Advance or Probate Cash Advance, learn more here.

1What is the largest amount I can get?
We can advance up to one-third of your expected inheritance.
2What Are the Costs For an Estate Cash Advance?
The cost of your advance depends on the dollar amount we advance and how long we think it will take for the estate to "distribute."
3How Long Does the Probate Process Take?
Probate usually takes between 12 and 18 months. Some estates can take less time and we offer rebates for early repayment.
4How Long Does It Take To Get My Inheritance Money?
You will typically receive your inheritance advance funds within 2 - 3 days or less! You won't find this kind of turnaround time with any other inheritance advance company in the USA.
5How do I get My Inheritance Cash Advance? How Does the Inheritance Advance Program Work?
The easiest way to get your money is by bank wire. We push a few buttons on our end and the money appears in your account immediately, ready for withdrawal. If you don't have an open bank account, we can send your money by company check. In any event, all of the costs of the transfer are covered by My Inheritance Cash
6Are There Taxes On a Probate Advance or Inheritance Advance?
There may be federal inheritance taxes imposed, If so, the heir or heirs will be expected to pay those taxes.
7If An Estate is Carrying Debt, Would This Impact My Inheritance Advance?
If there are creditors debts will be paid by the estate. This might lower decrease your Inheritance amount and therefore would affect the Inheritance Advance you are approved for.
8If You’re Approved for an Inheritance Advance or Estate Cash Advance in a State Without Inheritance Tax, Do I have to pay taxes on My Estate Cash Advance or Inheritance Advance?
Federal inheritance taxes still could be imposed on the estate.
9Will My Credit Union or Local Bank Provide Me With an Estate Loan, Even if it is a Small Advance?
Banks and credit unions will not provide inheritance loans or inheritance cash advances, based on estate assets, to heirs or beneficiaries.
10My Family Will All Receive an Inheritance From Selling a House Left to Us in an Estate; With no Other Assets. Can I get an Inheritance Advance or Probate Advance?
Usually you can, but it depends on the value of the property, and the overall condition of the real estate.
11If Our Estate is not yet in Probate, Can I Apply for an Inheritance Cash Advance?
Probate typically needs to be open in order for you to apply, although there are some exceptions, on a case by case basis.
12Can an Executor, who is also an Heir, apply for an Inheritance Cash Advance?
An Heir of the same estate, who is also an executor, can be approved for an inheritance cash advance or probate advance.