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Inheritance Advances – How It Works

Finding out a loved one is gone is heartbreaking. But often they thought about you and decided to send some of their monetary possessions your way, as a parting gift. We know this as an inheritance.

Most Americans struggle with money, so even a modest inheritance can change your life. But the process of receiving an inheritance can be long and arduous. The gap between the death of your beloved and receiving your rightly deserved inheritance is often huge, sometimes months to years.

Until the process is finished, your funds cannot be dispensed to you as an heir. So you must wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Inheritance Advances

This is where inheritance advances come in. Instead of waiting for what feels like forever to receive your money, you can use inheritance advance as a tool to receive your inheritance sooner.

The inheritance advances then become a cash advance payment to you based on a couple of factors: your goals from an inheritance, what it means to take the advance, the amount of anticipated inheritance, and how long you anticipate the process completing. A fee is then added in for our services, in case the estate does not pay out inheritances properly and becomes insolvent.

How It Works

If all goes well, you should then be on your way to receiving your inheritance advance. The consultation is the main first step to receiving your inheritance advance. After that comes the second step, waiting for funding.

After ensuring that your share of the estate will be sufficient to cover the costs of your advance and all the calculations needed to figure out everything on our end, we begin the process of wiring funds to your account. The best part is this is often much faster than most people realize. Most often, funds will be transferred to your account after just a few days of finishing the application process.

Once that is done, that’s it. That’s how it works. You no longer have to worry about us, as we collect the advance back from the estate once the processing is over and you are free to do whatever you please with your money. Even if there is an issue with us receiving the amount we expected from the estate, that is between us and the estate, not you.

Looking for an Inheritance Advance?

Come talk to us! As you can see the process is pretty simple and pretty fast, too! Please call us directly at 877-862-8523 to find out how much inheritance you deserve!