Qualifications & documentation required for an Inheritance Advance
June 11, 2019

Inheritance Funding benefits and Inheritance Advance details

Getting your share of an estate, your inheritance… however large or small, is typically a slow process that can take a year or two, sometimes longer, to come to a conclusion. Many heirs and beneficiaries opt for  inheritance funding, after getting inheritance advance rates, often called inheritance loan fees for inheritance financing – hopefully at the lowest pricing possible. Low rates and fast turnaround is basically all most heirs are looking for from an inheritance funding company.

Applying for an Inheritance Advance, or Probate Advance (frequently called “Inheritance Loans” or “Probate Loans from an Inheritance Funding Company” even though it is not actually a loan, but is a cash advance assignment) is a relatively simple matter.  With My Inheritance Cash, there are:

No employment info required for an Inheritance Advance

No up-front charges at this inheritance funding company

Zero monthly payments – all Inheritance Cash Advances

No hidden fees on any Probate Cash Advance for heirs

No credit reports, credit scores or income checking

Zero compounding interest on all Estate Advances

Usually same day approval for a Probate Advance

Inheritance Funding typically in 48 to 72 hours