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My Inheritance Cash provides inheritance funding in Georgia for those where the assets and associated values of their loved ones are tied up in probate court, preventing access to pay for medical and other bills, among other matters. We are an inheritance funding company where our inheritance advances enable these people to be able to meet all of the financial obligations thrust upon them without having to wait on a probate court for its ruling.

Our advances on one’s inheritance enables people to be able to access the money that will likely come to them in the future right now without a probate court’s ruling. We can provide a large inheritance advance when the estate is worth a great deal and ensure that the beneficiaries are able to handle all of the financial requirements and responsibilities they are expected to handle upon their loved one’s death.

Our inheritance advances can be either small inheritance advances or large inheritance advances; we are capable of providing any type of advance on inheritance for virtually any circumstance. As a respected inheritance funding company, our mission and goal is to ensure people have the inheritance funding they need through inheritance advances so they are not waiting around for a probate court to decide upon whether they are legally entitled to their inheritance or not.

Probate Advances in Georgia

My Inheritance Cash provides needed probate advances to those recipients expecting notable inheritances, but have those inheritances tied up by the court system. Our probate advances can help these people can handle the necessary expenses and responsibilities that come when a loved one passes on and leaves a notable inheritance for one or more recipients.

Our fast probate advances and advances help to ensure that these recipients do not go through financial hardship of their own because the court system ties up the funds and assets of an estate while deciding who has the legal ownership to those funds and assets.

Probate estate advances and probate lending can be a great way for one or more recipients of an inheritance to ensure that they are not wiped out financially by unexpected financial obligations and other matters that they would have to cover via their own financial means by being tied out of the assets and cash flow of an estate from a recently deceased loved one. Our probate lending helps to ensure that these recipients can handle all that is expected of them without being financially compromised or even going into bankruptcy.


The requirements include assessing how much your estate is worth, whether there are creditors who are owed money from the estate (which will lower how much the inheritance advance will be that you receive, and determining the appropriate fee for the inheritance funding. No credit check is needed, since this is not a loan, nor does interest need to be repaid.

You can receive a portion of your share as soon as the same day in some instances, depending upon how quickly we receive the information about your portion of the inheritance that you are expected to receive, as well as whether we can wire transfer the money to a bank account. If we have to deliver the funds via a company check, it will take longer for you to have access to your advance.

Georgia does not have an inheritance tax; thus, no state taxes will be applied to your inheritance funding. However, federal inheritance laws can apply depending upon the amount, so your inheritance funding may be taxable according to Federal Law as taxable income.