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Probate Loans: Should You Get an Advance on Your Inheritance?

You may find out from a heartbreaking situation that an inheritance is coming your way. This bright light in the darkness of death can make life a little or a lot better.

But you often have to wait a very long time to get your inheritance. The probate process may take months, a year, or more! In that time, you could have fallen under more financial duress when probate loans could have helped you.

Or maybe that little bit of extra cash from your inheritance allows you to finally get that dream house you have had your eyes set on.

Either way, that inheritance money is yours, so why wait for it for so long? Why not get probate loans for an advance on your inheritance?

What are Probate Loans?

Probate loans are money given out to those who are expected to receive an inheritance in the future, with the expectation that it will be paid back by the loan receiver once the probate process ends.

To be more clear, once a loved one dies and has you in their inheritance plan, you cannot get that inheritance money right away. This is because the inheritance is under “probate” while the estate figures out the financial complexities of the inheritance.

Unfortunately, while it is a quick way to receive your money, most probate loan companies will often hit you with an incredible amount of fees and interest.

Benefits of Probate Loans

That said, there are still some benefits to probate loans.

The largest one is that you receive your money right now to work with! Any little bit of free cash on hand can be helpful and change your life when you are not expecting it.

But better benefits come with working with the right company. With My Inheritance Cash, we don’t exactly offer a probate “loan” but an advance. That way you get your cash soon, usually after
a few days of finishing the application process. We don’t charge you interest and we don’t hit you with crazy fees.

We don’t even expect you to pay us back for the advance, we expect the estate to! So that means once you get your probate advance from us, you are free to use your money as you please.

Looking for a Probate Loan?

Let’s see what we can do for you! The process is simple and fast! Please call us directly at 877-862-8523 to find out how to get a probate advance today!