Inheritance Funding: Drilling Down on Details
June 12, 2019
Why Should I get an Inheritance Advance? Often referred to as Inheritance Loans by Heirs of Estates and Trust Beneficiaries…
June 12, 2019

Terminology: Inheritance Advance versus Inheritance Loans

What is Inheritance Funding, and how does it work?

Inheritance funding is a popular form of advance inheritance financing, making it possible for heirs to get faster access to a portion of the funds or assets they are inheriting. Inheritance advance, estate advance, inheritance cash advance, probate cash advance and probate advance funding is the most common terminology used by the average inheritance funding company, as well as heirs; even though  many heirs refer to inheritance funding with loan terms, interchangeably, such as inheritance loans, estate loans, probate loans and probate advance loans.

There are two types of inheritance funding – a cash advance on your inheritance; and a loan using your inheritance, more or less, as a form of collateral.  Neither factor in your credit when you apply, and you can’t find either option with a traditional lender.

Inheritance Advance Financing

Also called estate advances, or estate cash advances, this is the most common type of inheritance funding, from your average inheritance funding company in the United States. You often transfer your right to a portion of your inheritance in exchange for a trust cash advance or probate advance fee, rather than interest — although in some cases, as rare as it may be, interest occasionally factors in as well.

Because heirs are not technically getting an interest bearing “loan”, there is no need for heirs to be concerned personally about repayment or requiring strong credit to qualify for a trust fund or probate cash advance for heirs.

Inheritance Advance versus Inheritance Loans

As we know, probate advances, and inheritance cash advances, from an inheritance advance assignment provider, or inheritance funding company, are also frequently called inheritance loans and probate loans, or estate loans, from inheritance lenders –  however it is all the same thing … advance inheritance money in your pocket in 48 hours or 72 hours, so it all amounts to the same thing, terminology aside. And after you get your inheritance advance and pay it back plus a fee, once probate closes, it all ends the same way, despite terminology differences.  Whether an heir or inheritance funding company calls it an estate loan or estate advance — inheritance lenders or inheritance cash advance assignment providers fulfill the same basic function.