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How Can I Get An Advance On My Inheritance?

Often, the funds provided in an inheritance are a much needed financial gift. Depending on the size of the inheritance, the money can be used to pay off or pay down student loans, close a mortgage, close out high-interest credit cards, or even cover emergency funding needs for medical expenses.

While some people have the savings and income levels to wait 12 months or more to access their inheritance, others may be better served by immediate access to funds. For these people, an advance on inheritance of up to 1/3rd can, in fact, be life saving.

Banks Are Not the Answer

Going to a bank to ask for an advance on inheritance is not going to provide positive results. Because it is not a loan, banks do not lend on inheritances, even if the estate is in probate.

It is important to remember that any loan through a bank would also include fees and interest, which would dramatically reduce the actual value of the inheritance over time.

The My Inheritance Cash Solution

When chatting with an Inheritance Funding Officer at My Inheritance Cash, you will discover that getting an advance on inheritance is as easy as submitting an online application.

Once you have submitted the online application and all required documentation, and the advance has been approved, you will see the cash in your bank account in three days or less! Remember, this is not a loan, so there is no interest!

To find out more about our cash advance process, contact My Inheritance Cash today at (877) 638-7760.