Qualifications & documentation required for an Inheritance Advance
June 11, 2019
Terminology: Inheritance Advance versus Inheritance Loans
June 12, 2019

Inheritance Funding: Drilling Down on Details

Inheritance Funding & Inheritance Loans: Fast, Non-Interest Cash Advance Assignments For Heirs from My Inheritance Cash

My Inheritance Cash inheritance funding process generally takes as little as 3 days. In most counties, all paperwork and signatures can be completed online.

Probate Cash Advance Funds For Heirs: Inheritance Funding & Inheritance Loans or Probate Loans are Cash Advance Assignments that Fund in in 2—3 Days

My Inheritance Cash typically advances up to 30% of what you are expected to inherit, and if the entire estate is cash, it is usually  possible to provide advance inheritance funding with a larger percentage of your inheritance, for example 50% or higher.

Inheritance Advances from this Inheritance Funding Company Impose No Restrictions on Inheritance Advance, Probate Advance or Estate Advance Money

Large inheritance cash advances, or modest sized overnight inheritance loans … Quick cash advances for heirs (48 or 72 hour turnaround), or even a steeply discounted probate cash advance for heirs is for whatever use you wish it to be for; no restrictions at all.

Probate Loans, Inheritance Loans or Estate Loans, versus Cash Advance Assignments & Probate Advances with no Risk of Recourse for Non-Payment!

Inheritance lenders generally do not advance “loans” such as inheritance advance loans or inheritance loan advances; they extend extremely fast inheritance cash advance assignments, like a 72 hour probate advance, for example – so you’re never ‘personally’ responsible for repayment. It is a significant difference.

Inheritance Funding – versus “Inheritance Loans” from inheritance lenders, based on income and credit

We do not furnish heirs with interest bearing loans. We provide inheritance cash advance assignments, based on estate assets, cash and property. We do not require credit reports, credit scores, employment history, or income status.

No Hidden Fees, Up-Front Costs or Monthly Payments

No hidden fees as some inheritance funding companies impose; No  up-front fees of any kind; and no monthly payments – simply one lump sum repayment when probate closes, at the end of the process. Moreover, your inheritance advance will never affect the share or inheritance assets of other heirs associated with the same estate.