Why Should I get an Inheritance Advance? Often referred to as Inheritance Loans by Heirs of Estates and Trust Beneficiaries…
June 12, 2019
What Type of Niche Inheritance Lenders, or Inheritance Funding Company will Provide Inheritance Funding?
June 12, 2019

What Should Heirs Look Out For?

With respect to inheritance funding, what should heirs approach with caution, and look out for?

Some inheritance lenders increase rates, by imposing unnecessarily high fees on inheritance advance funds, which many heirs refer to as probate advance rates, inheritance loan fees or “probate loan fees, from inheritance lenders”

Some inheritance lenders increase rates by (sometimes falsely) claiming that some inheritance cash advance assignments "present more risk than some other inheritance advance assignments..." Meaning, the inheritance may not ever reach final distribution, due to unforeseen obstacles, or possibly a surprise creditor.  This type of unusual, rare inheritance funding or inheritance financing scenario can cause additionally high fees to be imposed -- we believe sometimes under questionable justification. These types of inheritance advances -- which many heirs call inheritance loans, or estate loans (even though they are not actually ‘loans’ they are interest-free cash advance assignments without any credit requirements) -- tend to be pricier than a traditional interest bearing loan, or line of credit, backed by other assets. There is no credit report or credit score required; and no income or employment checking to be concerned with.

Eligibility for the type of inheritance funding you need from an inheritance funding company

To be eligible for this type of financing, you must be inheriting assets valued at $15,000+. You must be able to produce a photo I.D., as well as valid documents that prove you’re a valid heir, and state what, and how much, you are inheriting. Generally, although there are infrequent exceptions, you must also show proof that your estate has retained an attorney or law firm to manage the estate, and who will be responsible for paying back your trust fund advance or probate advance, when probate closes.


Inheritance advance, or probate advance paperwork from My Inheritance Cash

You will find that our inheritance funding company provides an extremely simple process, with simplified paperwork requirements for heirs. However, it always makes sense to have your estate attorney look over your paperwork and your inheritance funding Agreement with our the inheritance funding company.